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Nigeria Development Project approved

Following meetings held at the Offices of IDC-World between Mr. Miller, President of IDC- World and Mr. Ayodeji Atewologunaa and Mr. Jacob Shoval of Diamond Financial Mortgage the Lagos Metrorail Monorail System (LMMS) Project in Nigeria has received preliminary funding approval

1.2 Billion US dollars pre-financing approved (projects Chad/IDC)

Following Mr. Miller and IDC visits to Chad in 2015 and meetings with Chad Government officials IDC is announcing four development projects that have received prefinancing approval as per attached letter from Citi Bank. These projects are as follows:

  • Chad – American University Project
  • Low Cost Housing Project
  • Communications Project
  • Energy Project

Total value of above projects is estimated at 1.2 Billion US dollars. Feasibility studies will be starting next month to assess detail project construction and implementation costs including financial and economic assessments. These studies will be conducted to the requirement and standards of City Bank

For further details please and potential participation in these four projects in Chad please contact us.



The Chad goverment invites IDC's EJ Miller

IDC delegation invitation to Chad by the government.

Financial Pre-Approval process document

Financial Pre-Approval process document

IDC visit at Mali Embassy in Washington DC

Mr. Miller and IDC visited the Mali Embassy in Washington DC in September 2015 to present to the Mali Government and its Ambassador the American University Development Program. Joining IDC in the meeting was their consultant BeogrAddis LLC who made a presentation of the project to the Mali Ambassador and several Embassy Diplomats. BeogrAddis LLC has been working for IDC in assessing the potential to implement the project in several African countries.

EJ Miller meets President Idriss Déby in Chad

Mr. Miller and IDC visited Chad in February 2015 to present to the Chad Government and Chad President Idriss Déby the American University Development Program. IDC team visited several potential future university sites and assessed the potentials to implement the project.

Saudi Arabia-USA business Forum

DC Saudi Arabia-USA Business Forum
Mr. Miller and IDC participated in a Saudi Arabia-USA business forum organised during the visit of his Majesty King Salman in Washington DC. The forum included an audience with his Majesty. IDC has worked on several projects in Saudi Arabia and is actively developing infrastructure projects in the Kingdom.

Saudi-US Business Opportunity Forum Invitation To Riyadh


U.S. businesses ready to partner in Iran

Iranians are ready to spend, and they are looking to the U.S. and elsewhere for cars, airplanes and mining equipment, according to the newly founded Iran America Chamber of Commerce.
Nuclear ambitions aside, Iran boasts 80 million consumers and a $500 billion economy, third-largest in the region behind only Turkey and Saudi Arabia. But analysts say Iran’s purchasing power is nearly twice the size of that gross domestic product figure because so much money has been bottled up over the years as part of the sanctions. (more…)

Benin President Boni Yayi with Ekram J. Miller

President of Benin, Dr. Boni Yayi, today met with American Businessman, Ekram Javad Miller, President and CEO of Intercontinental Development Corporation.

President of Benin, Dr. Boni Yayi, today met with American Businessman, Ekram Javad Miller, President and CEO of Intercontinental Development Corporation. President Yayi visited the United States in July of this year, and met with Mr. Miller at the Benin Embassy in Washington D.C. to discuss infrastructure investment projects totaling $3.2 billion U.S. Dollars. President Yayi then extended his personal invitation for Ekram Miller and the IDC Team to visit his country in September of 2011. (more…)

Interviews with President E.J Miller on CATS

Asharq Al Awsat Interviews (ICC) President E.J Miller

Cairo- Asharq Al Awsat interviews E.J Miller, the president of Intercontinental Commerce Corporation (ICC) that is to oversee a new project to establish a monorail system in Egypt. The project will serve daily commuters especially low-income workers who travel between the areas of Cairo, Giza and 6 October City. According to our report, ICC has caught the interest of US Ex-Im Bank to provide support for over $2 Billion US Dollars (USD) for the Monorail rolling stock. Guggenheim’s Private Investment and Banking Group with assets of over $89 Billion was designated by ICC to act as a financial advisor and planner. IBM will provide system integrations and Arab Contractors will provide civil engineering and construction services for the Monorail track and cement works. Major monorail manufacturers are putting in proposals to provide rolling stock using the highest technology including Siemens, Hitachi, Frazer-Nash, and Bombardier. Ninety percent of contractors will be Egyptian, including 5000 Egyptian workers to be employed during the five year construction period. 2000 Egyptian workers will be employed as technicians and system operators and will receive training in the U.S., Europe and Japan. (more…)